Shannon Calculator — .NET Application with Avalonia

Shannon Calculator is a cross-platform application which calculates the Shannon self-information content of a message text or file byte data.

It is written in C# using the Avalonia XAML Framework, and is licensed under GPLv3. Shannon Calculator is available as AppImage and Flatpak for Linux.

Shannon Information Calculator

On Github:

Don’t forget to set the “Execute” permission for AppImage on Linux. On Windows, download the zip file, unzip it and run ShannonCalculator.exe.

Shannon Information

Shannon information is a measure of the information content contained in a message. The theory underpins many developments in compression, message transmission and error correction.

For a somewhat detailed introduction, try: Information Theory and the Digital Age

There were two motivations for this project. First and foremost, I became interested in the philosophical nature of information, rather than its engineering application.

Avalonia Framework for .NET

The other reason for the project was that it serve as a test-bed for Avalonia. As I’ve switched my personal computing platform to Linux recently, I was interested to try out a .NET GUI framework that, unlike WPF, will run anywhere.

See also Avalonia on github.

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