• Was Nietzsche Premature in Declaring the Death of God?
    How can we really believe in God for reasons of necessity when, according to our modern thinking, such a thing is unlikely to exist in a cold mechanical universe?
  • Anger is an Energy
    The worst thing is to be powerless as things happen or, more poignantly, as things are done to us.
  • Life as an Anti-vaxxer
    As Alinsky once wrote, “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.”
  • Free-will, Determinism and the Absence of Nothing
    We owe much to the science which sprang from The Enlightenment, including the philosophy that behind everything, there is probably nothing. However, modern science suggests that we were premature.
  • A Safe New World
    Experiences from the early days of the emergency first published in August 2020.



  • The Brigadoon Inn
    In the English Lake District, two young men of the post-lockdown era stumble on something that should not exist.
  • The Grave of Lies
    In the historic town of Aylesbury, a ghostly apparition wanders the graveyard. But not all is what it seems.